Thermal Imaging:

Let’s clear one thing first, it is not X-Ray and no, we cannot see through the things, so what we see through a thermal camera?

A thermal camera shows us the reflected temperature of objects put those temperatures beside each other and forms an image, those areas with higher temperatures radiant more heat and show a brighter point and cooler areas are darker.

A moisture penetration through a ceiling corner, cools that area, camera shows us a bluish point in compare to the surrounding area, as well as an AC duct. An electrical breaker in the panel while it is under load, or a hot water pipe passing through a wall are examples of bright spots or lines which the camera shows us.

So how a thermal camera can help and assist us through an inspection or you as a client why would you want to hire such a service?


  • It can help to locate water penetration, remember that moisture is enemy number one for a dwelling.
  • It helps to find weak and poor insulated parts of a house which has a direct impact at indoor comfort living, energy consumption and in some cases ice damming.
  •  We can find and locate Air leakage, which results in waste of energy and more importantly moisture intrusion, if Air leak is like a bus, moisture for sure is the passenger, either comes into the house or goes into the walls, and we don’t want it!
  • During an Electrical inspection, it helps us to see if there are any hot spots, electric faults and so on.

It is good to know that thermal cameras are tools that help us to see much better those that with naked eyes we could never see, but the results are not always conclusive, we see, and then based on facts analyze the situation. Sometimes we’ll need other tools to examine the points of interest and yet we may need to ask for professionals.

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