Door Blower Test

What is Door Blower Test?


Door blower test is simply about measuring how tight or leaky a house is, it also helps to locate the weak and leaky areas of a house, areas that waste the energy and increase the utility bills and it also estimates the total leaky area of house. So it is fun and a unique experience for home owners which helps them to understand and sense their property behaviour.















As shown on the above figure, Blower Door consists of a frame , cover and the fan which fits on an exterior door and depressurizes the house, to balance the pressure between in and out, the air will leak from the leaky areas into the house and that is how the Air Pressure Gauge (Manometer) will capture the data. Later a software will calculate and print the results. 

Air Leakage which we sense it as pesky drafts has a big role in wasting the energy, the money we pay to condition the house air just runs out from the leaky areas and the mechanical systems need to run more time to compensate the lost conditioned air.

A door blower test is a part of an energy audit, but it can be requested as a standalone servise by those who for any reason ( i.e after changing wondows/doors) need to find a better understang of their property.


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