NRCan Licensed Energy Advisors


Helping homeowners improve the efficiency of their new or existing homes, lower their bills and greenhouse gas, use less energy.

Since 2016, OHOA has conducted over 2,000 Energy Audits to Residential homes. Our company’s mission is to help homeowners improve the efficiency of their homes, lower their bills and at the same time use less energy and lessen the impact on our planet.

Licensed under Natural Resources Canada(NRCan)






We’re licensed to deliver residential energy assessments to owners of single-family homes across Canada. Under various Provincial and local programs, property owners can qualify for rebates and refunds by improving the energy efficiency of their homes and reducing their home’s impact on the environment.


Together we will make Earth green:












By improving the house energy usage characteristics, we not only reduce the cost of home operations but also reduce the greenhouse gases emissions and contribute to the fight over climate change and keeping our planet green and healthy.


Code of Ethics:


All parties that are registered, licensed or designated to deliver EnerGuide Rating System services will abide by the following:

  • exercise their duties with integrity, fairness and impartiality;
  • uphold, maintain and, wherever possible, improve the professional integrity, reputation and practice of the EnerGuide Rating System;
  • collect no personal information other than what is required for the service and to not disclose information from any evaluation except as required for quality assurance purposes;
  • ensure that marketing approaches shall not use the EnerGuide Rating System to imply any endorsement of an organization’s particular product or service;
  • and seek the homeowner’s informed and written consent when disclosing information to a third party for another purpose related to the EnerGuide Rating System, where such disclosure is permitted and is advantageous to the customer.

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